Bring Your Family's Memories
to life today!

Give a gift that
Everyone will remember

A FigiFam design is hand-made and customized to represent the family, friends, and pets that you love. Our 3D portraits and ornaments are perfect as gifts or something you just want to have in your home as your own. Commemorate any special day you have throughout the year or just the everyday life that you live with those soccer players, cheerleaders, video game players, and book lovers. Our creations are sure to bring you smiles for years to come.

Ordering Process


Placing your order

With our easy to use
order page, you simply select from the drop down menus what and how
many characters, accessories and pets you would like, then add a little
description and a photo for each. 


Designing Your Order

We will then email you a concept design of your order for your approval. Once approved we can begin the creation of your one of a kind FigiFam. 


Recieving your order

You will be notified and provided a tracking number as soon as your FigiFam has been packaged and shipped.

It's all about Family!

FigiFam regards family as a priority. We want to create for you another manner in which to showcase those you hold dear. Anniversaries, weddings, holidays, and birthdays in three-dimensional form will bring smiles for years to come. Our portraits and baubles are excellent gift ideas that will bring joy and cheer to your home. 

FigiFam believes that every family deserves to have their memories celebrated. There are many unknowns in life, but tangible 3D figurines portraying those you love are another form of remembrance. Our portraits and baubles are one-of-a kind customized products that reflect the personality and experiences of your family.