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Unique Wedding Day Gifts

If you are bored of gifting the same old wedding day gifts, then you’re in the right place! We have compiled some of the most unique wedding day gifts, so you can gift the happy couple with something thoughtful and unique that no one else will have bought them. No matter your budget, we have something for you! 

Wedding Venue Watercolour

Our first unique wedding day gift is a wedding venue watercolour painting! Although the happy couple will have their wedding photos, there is something so special about a watercolour painting that will help to remind them of their special day in a more artistic way. There are so many small businesses who offer this, so when you get your invitation, you can send them a photo of the venue and then have them bring it to life in a watercolour painting. 

Everytime they glance at the watercolour, they will be reminded of their wedding day as well as you, making this unique wedding day gift one of the most thoughtful out there! 

3D Portrait

Another really thoughtful and unique wedding day gift is a 3D portrait of the happy couple on their special day. You can simply upload a photo and select what kind of background you want and the couple will be 3D printed to reflect their personality and likeness! You could wait until after their special day to make sure that the dress and suit is right, or if you wanted to gift it to them on their wedding day, you could upload a great photo of them from when they got engaged or another happy memory. 

This is a thoughtful and very cute unique wedding day gift that they will be able to treasure! 

Metallic Sound Wave Print of First Dance

If the couple are big music fans, then having a metallic sound wave print of their first dance song is a lovely unique wedding day gift! Again, there are small businesses creating these stunning prints and all you do is send them the song and they will create a print containing the sound waves from the song. You can choose the background colour as well as the colour of the metallic sound waves, to make it really personal to the couple and their home. 

Not only does this look beautiful, but it is incredibly thoughtful. If you are close to the couple and know their wedding song already, you could have it ready for the day. If not, give them their card and write a little note just to say that you need to wait until after the wedding day for their present and they will soon see why! 

This is a beautifully unique wedding day gift that will mean so much to the couple, especially if they are really into their music. 

Personalised Christmas Decorations

The year that someone gets married is likely to be one of their most important, so helping them to stretch out the celebrations by gifting them personalised Christmas decorations is a wonderful unique wedding day gift! 

This would be a good one to wait until after the wedding day (again explaining why in the card), as you can create a mini version of the couple in their wedding outfits to go on their Christmas tree. Each year when they decorate, they will know exactly when they got them and who they were from, bringing back really happy memories. This unique wedding day gift will put a smile on the couple’s face year after year. 

Unique Wedding Day Gifts: Final Thoughts

If you want to think outside the box when it comes to wedding gifts, then take inspiration from these unique wedding day gifts that will bring the couple joy for years to come! When you spend time creating a thoughtful present, it will mean so much more than just gifting them money or something off their registry.