Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered



How long will it take to get my order?


A: You will receive your order within 14 working days of design approval.




Q: What are the frame sizes that you will ship my order?


A: We offer multiple size frames which will be depicted by FigiFam and based upon how many characters and accessories you have in your order, our frames sizes are as follows

Small - 14 Inch X 14 Inch

Medium - 15 Inch X 13 Inch

Large - 32 Inch X 14 Inch




Q: What are the characters made of?


A: The characters are made from a plaster based material and colour Ink.




Q: Do you ship internationally?


A: Yes we ship internationally and shipping fees and time will be based upon your address.




Q: What is a newborn classed as when I order?


A: Newborns are classed as a child.




Q: Can I return my order?


A: Yes you can return your order, please see the returns and refund policy for more information.


Bring your family’s memories to life with a hand-crafted 3D portrait!

FigiFam creates completely custom three-dimensional family portraits from your favorite memories. Each family portrait is hand-made to reflect the likeness and personality of your family, friends, pets and more. Our team will customize your 3D sculpture based on your family photos so you can bring whatever memory and combination of family members to life that you would like.

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